Whether you’re a fresh fish trying your fins for the first time at UT Austin or a seasoned swimmer in the world of college academia, there’s always something new to learn from your fellow students. Take a look at what our Koinonia veterans have learned from their experiences so far!

It’s always best to start looking for your textbooks early!

To find out what textbooks you need, look up your course on the course schedule and then click “Check Textbooks for this Course”. It will show you a list of books the professor has listed and whether they are required or optional.

Try one of these places to get your textbooks:

Blackboard is the website that most professors use in order to organize their class. You are able to get class announcements, check grades, and send emails to your professors, TA’s or classmates.

UT Direct, one of the most important, yet most confusing, websites you will be using during your years at UT. To save you countless hours of searching and getting frustrated, we decided to aid you with these helpful tips!

  • Bevoware - Download free anti-virus, FTP, SSH, and other programs for all your computer needs.
  • Campus Computer Store - Need a computer accessory?
  • ClassPoint - Plan your courses.
  • UT Directory – Look up students, faculty, employees, and contacts of UT.
  • UT Registrar – Watch the scholastic calendar for holidays, class listings for registration, and more.
  • UT Webmail – Your UT e-mail.

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